Arrest Time/Date: 10:35:00 02/26/15 Booking Number: 15-BK0718
Inmate Name: CARR, JACQUE Z
Name Number: 250355 Birth Date:
Address: 341 W CLARK ST; #15, Pocatello, ID
Arrest Type: TAKE Arrested By: J A Weaver Agency: BCSD
Arrest Location: BCJ Arrest Number: B0133471
Related Incidents:

Time/Date Offense Area Statute Court Crime Class
10:35:00 02/26/15 WARRANT ARREST WRNT MAG F
Arrest Time/Date: 08:00:00 02/26/15 Booking Number: 15-BK0724
Name Number: 242899 Birth Date:
Address: 3789 S 700 W #21, SALT LAKE CITY, UT
Arrest Type: TAKE Arrested By: M J Shelton Agency: BCSD
Arrest Location: BCJ LOBBY Arrest Number: B0133478
Related Incidents: 15-B0695

Time/Date Offense Area Statute Court Crime Class
08:00:00 02/26/15 WARRANT ARREST WRNT MAG M
Arrest Time/Date: 09:48:47 02/26/15 Booking Number: 15-BK0712
Inmate Name: LUCERO, VIC 2 II
Name Number: 51993 Birth Date:
Address: 1480 WEST VENUS, Pocatello, ID
Arrest Type: TAKE Arrested By: JON EVERSON Agency: BCSD
Arrest Location: 14330 W VENUS Arrest Number: B0133465
Related Incidents: 15-B0694

Time/Date Offense Area Statute Court Crime Class
09:00:00 02/26/15 WARRANT ARREST WRNT MAG M
Total Arrests Reported: 3

E-911 Data Report, by Agency and Nature w/Location
Agency: BCSD Bannock County Sheriff’s Office
Nature Date Reported Incident Location
————— —————— ——— ——————————- —
Agency Assist 22:34:07 02/26/15 15-B0705 5155 YELLOWSTONE AVE; TRLR 28 CHU
Animal Problem 19:15:44 02/26/15 15-B0702 12594 LAUGHRAN RD CHU
Animal Problem 22:03:00 02/26/15 15-B0704 13154 HILINE RD BAN
Animal Problem 22:55:15 02/26/15 15-B0706 7688 PORTNEUF RD BAN
Child Protectio 17:09:36 02/26/15 15-B0700 1070 HILINE RD POC
Civil 12:56:15 02/26/15 15-B0697 6301 S 5TH AVE; 52 BAN
Fraud 10:35:45 02/26/15 15-B0696 CEMETERY & SILER BAN
Juvenile Prob 14:17:53 02/26/15 15-B0699 12805 S OLD HWY 91; MARSH VALLE BAN
Juvenile Prob 21:03:15 02/26/15 15-B0703 7350 PORTNEUF RD BAN
Medical 08:10:04 02/26/15 15-B0693 14880 VENUS RD BAN
Vin Inspection 18:12:07 02/26/15 15-B0701 14774 W LACEY RD
Wanted Person 09:15:59 02/26/15 15-B0694 SIPHON & HONESTY BAN
——————————————————————————–For full details, view this message on the web.



IDAHO FALLS, Idaho: Idaho Falls Police Department is investigating a pedestrian‐train
accident that occurred Wednesday night at East Anderson and North Holmes.
According to reports, officers responded to the location around 10:39 p.m. The 18‐year‐old
female victim was skateboarding home when she came upon the intersection and a train
was blocking the crossing. While the woman crawled under the train it began moving. She
attempted to get herself clear of the tracks but her foot was caught by the wheel.
The Idaho Falls woman was taken by ambulance to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center
to be treated for her injuries.
The Idaho State Police is assisting with the investigation.

U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Idaho news release | Posted: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 8:47 am

Demetrius Anthony Gomez, 28, of Fort Hall, pleaded guilty Tuesday in U.S. District Court to theft from a tribal organization, U.S. Attorney Wendy J. Olson announced.  Gomez was indicted by a federal grand jury on May 28, 2014.

Gomez, an off-duty employee of the Sage Hill Travel Center, a gas station, convenience store and casino on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, south of Blackfoot off Interstate 15, entered the travel center at about 3:50 a.m. April 2, 2014 and took money from a safe.

According to the U.S. attorney, the defendant told his fellow employee at the front desk that he was checking the schedule.  The defendant went to the rear office and a few minutes later walked out and exited the store.

The fellow employee became suspicious and checked the back room.  He reviewed the surveillance recording of the room and saw that the defendant had removed money from the safe in the room.  A review of the surveillance recording in the front part of the store later showed that the defendant re-entered the store while the fellow employee was checking the back office and removed additional money from a box under the cash register.

An audit showed $1,984 missing.  The money belongs to the Sage Hill Travel Center, which is an Indian tribal organization of the Fort Hall Shoshone-Bannock Tribes.

Theft from a tribal organization is punishable by imprisonment up to five years, a fine of up to $250,000, and up to three years of supervised release.  Sentencing is scheduled for May 12, 2015, before U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge.

The case was investigated by the Fort Hall Police Department.

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Advisory: Daily Arrest/Activity Summary 02/23/15

Dear Nixle User,

Pocatello Police Department
Arrest Summary Report, by Date, Time, with Offenses

Time/Date: 15:42:28 02/20/15
Loc. of Arrest: ARTHUR / CUSTER
Related Incident Numbers: 15-P01330

Time/Date: 16:17:00 02/20/15
Loc. of Arrest: 429 WYLDWOOD
Related Incident Numbers: 15-P03564

Time/Date: 02:15:00 02/21/15
Inmate Name: AL MUTLAQ, SAEED ALI (23)
Loc. of Arrest: 655 N 5TH AVE
Related Incident Numbers: 15-P03587
Disturb Peace/Disorder Conduct

Time/Date: 02:15:00 02/21/15
Inmate Name: JACKSON, RYAN C (35)
Loc. of Arrest: 655 N 5TH
Related Incident Numbers: 15-P03584
Resisting and Obstructing

Time/Date: 15:35:00 02/21/15
Loc. of Arrest: 126 N. MAIN
Related Incident Numbers: 15-P03674

Time/Date: 22:02:00 02/21/15
Inmate Name: POPPLETON, SCOTT H (26)
Loc. of Arrest: 200 N 15TH
Related Incident Numbers: 15-P03688

Time/Date: 01:33:00 02/22/15
Loc. of Arrest: 500 N. MAIN
Related Incident Numbers: 15-P03699
Driving Under the Influence

Time/Date: 01:42:00 02/22/15
Loc. of Arrest: WALNUT/WARREN
Related Incident Numbers: 15-P03700

Time/Date: 08:35:00 02/22/15
Inmate Name: MENDEZ, JOSE AURTURO (23)
Loc. of Arrest: 1100 block of E. Cedar
Related Incident Numbers: 15-P03706

Time/Date: 10:55:00 02/22/15
Inmate Name: WILLIAMS, RICK KARL (56)
Loc. of Arrest: 197 CHARLES PL.
Related Incident Numbers: 15-P03718

Time/Date: 15:49:12 02/22/15
Loc. of Arrest: 1920 E BONNEVILLE ST
Related Incident Numbers: 15-P03724
Driving Under the Influence

Time/Date: 17:21:00 02/22/15
Inmate Name: CAWDERY, THOMAS ERIK (24)
Loc. of Arrest: 1000 POCATELLO CREEK
Related Incident Numbers: 15-P03728

Time/Date: 02:09:00 02/23/15
Inmate Name: MOORE, CASEY MICHAEL (27)
Loc. of Arrest: 551 EL RANCHO
Related Incident Numbers: 15-P03714
Resisting and Obstructing

Calls For Service During Reporting Period: 206

#1: Jackson
#2: Borchert
#3: Poppleton
#4: Mendez

Additional Release Information:

Injury Crash (02/21/15 @ 11:32 P.M.) – Earlier in the shift, PPD officers responded to investigate a report of a hit and run traffic accident in the area of Pocatello Creek and Hiline Road. A short time later, Chubbuck officers respond to a report of a beer theft involving the suspect vehicle from the reported hit and run. CPD located the suspect vehicle and attempted to stop the vehicle, however, the vehicle fled from their officers. CPD discontinue pursuing the vehicle as it enters into Pocatello City limits. A Bannock County S.O. unit observed the suspect vehicle a few minutes later in the area of North Main extension and Garrett Way traveling at a high rate of speed. Due to the high speed of the suspect vehicle, Bannock County is unable to catch up with it. The Bannock County unit then located the suspect vehicle involved in a crash at the intersection of Pocatello Ave. and Oak. Pocatello P.D. officers responded to the crash scene. The Idaho State Police are conducting the accident investigation and PPD officers are conducting further investigation on the driver of the suspect vehicle. There is no further information available at this time for release.

ATM credit card skimmers – On 02/20/15, PPD officers responded to a report of two credit card skimmers being attached to two different Pocatello area bank ATM’s. The investigation is being conducted by the FBI and any further inquiries will need to be directed to the FBI.Contact Information:
Lieutenant Ian Nelson
Support Services

For full details, view this message on the web.

Community: Daily Activity Press Release

Dear Nixle User,

Bannock County Sheriff’s Office
Media Arrest Summary, by Name

Arrest Time/Date: 02:52:00 02/22/15 Booking Number: 15-BK0664
Name Number: 124201
Arrest Type: VIEW Arrested By: J L CURZON Agency: BCSD
Arrest Location: 60 E. BOOTH Arrest Number: B0133394
Related Incidents: 15-B0645
Time/Date Offense Area Statute Court Crime Class
05:31:11 02/22/15 DUI- EXCESSIVE >.20 18-8004 C MAG TM
05:42:07 02/22/15 FILING FALSE POLICE REPORT 18-5413 MAG M
Total Arrests Reported: 1

Bannock County Sheriff’s Office
E-911 Data Report, by Agency and Nature w/Location
Nature Date Reported Incident Location
————— —————— ——— ——————————- —
Accident 23:52:36 02/22/15 15-B0655 13866 HAWTHORNE RD BAN
Agency Assist 07:57:18 02/22/15 15-B0646 504 BANNOCK ST MCM
Agency Assist 07:58:22 02/22/15 15-B0647 13820 HAWTHORNE RD BAN
Agency Assist 08:30:05 02/22/15 15-B0648 BLAZER HWY LAV
Disturbance 01:21:22 02/22/15 15-B0645 BEHIND BLUE MOON LAV
Fraud 13:23:45 02/22/15 15-B0651 430 E MAIN ST; LAVA HOTPOOLS LAV
Traffic Offense 11:03:12 02/22/15 15-B0650 8602 PARKS RD BAN
Unsecure Premis 23:42:37 02/22/15 15-B0654 13627 DEKAY RD BAN
Welfare Check 19:48:07 02/22/15 15-B0653 3075 STEPHANIE RD BAN

For full details, view this message on the web.


By Debbie Bryce

For the Journal

The Center for Sex Offender Management reports that less than 10 percent of sex offenders are female, and while the law makes no gender distinction, experts report that the dynamics of female sex offenders are very different than male offenders.

Last September, 31-year-old Kimberly Rosean Speck, of Malad, was arrested for allegedly having sexual contact with minors.

    Speck is charged with sexual battery and solicitation to commit a crime, both felonies, and three counts of disseminating material harmful to minors.

    A pretrial conference in the case is scheduled for Feb. 20.

    In a September press release, the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office said the charges were the result of an investigation into a complaint alleging that Speck had inappropriate sexual contact with a male high school student and allegations that pornographic photos had been sent to other high school males.

    Linda Hatzenbuehler, a professor of psychology at Idaho State University and a certified sex offender evaluator, said female sex offenders exhibit more mental health issues than their male counterparts.

    Female offenders often are diagnosed with depression or anxiety and most have some history of prior trauma.

    While prior victimization is not considered a direct cause, Hatzenbuehler said children, both male and female, are more affected when sexual abuse is perpetrated by someone they know and trust.

    “Even if it only happens once, the damage is greatest when that trust is broken as well,” Hatzenbuehler said.

    Hatzenbuehler said while some male offenders develop a deviant sexual attraction to underage victims, in most cases female offenders are looking to fulfill an emotional need.

    However, she said there is a small sub-group of female offenders who do have deviant sexual motives.

    An Oklahoma grandmother, Sally Deupree, was convicted of possession and manufacturing of child pornography. Deupree was charged with providing her boyfriend a nude photo of a 2-year-old girl and asking him to make a sex video for her.

    A video was not recovered, but several photographs were found.

    Female sex offenders fall into three categories, Hatzenbuehler said: male-coerced, teacher and lover, and a very small percentage of predatory female offenders.

    Male-coerced offenses occur when a male partner suggests or is interested in bringing in an underaged victim for sex.

     The teacher and lover scenario typically involves an older, often married woman, who becomes attracted to an adolescent male and her dependency needs cause her to cross the line.

    “The relationship fulfills an emotional, not a sexual need,” Hatzenbuehler said.

    Last month, Marie Ellen Donaldson, the wife of North Gem School District Superintendent Curry Donaldson, was arraigned in front of Superior Court Judge James Canlogue in Arizona on eight counts of intentionally or knowingly engaging “in oral sexual contact with a person under 18 years of age,” all “class 2” felonies.

    A pre-trial hearing in the case was scheduled for April 27 in Cochise County, Ariz.

    A 27-page report issued by the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office alleges that Marie Ellen “conducted a romantic relationship involving sexual conduct” with a 16-year-old boy who was a student at San Simon High School.

    The alleged incidents took place between December 2013 and May 2014 and according to the report, they were “incidents of consensual contact were oral, not intercourse.”

    The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office launched its investigation May 15 of last year and Marie Ellen’s teaching contract ended at San Simon High in May.

    Child Abuse Effect reports that sexual abuse by women often goes unreported because victims don’t understand what happened to them until years later, when they are adults, and adolescent males often have the perception that sex with an older female is a “rite of passage.”

     But victimization by female offenders can have the same devastating effect as victimization by male sex offenders including, self-blame, low self-esteem, sexual dysfunction and substance abuse.

    The profile for female sex offenders is broad. The causes include the absence of a parent during childhood, sexual victimization of the woman as a girl, loss of a spouse, feelings of isolation and alienation and a history of indiscriminate or compulsive sexual activity, and  drug or alcohol abuse.

    Bannock County Prosecutor Steve Herzog said laws designed to protect underage children provide no gender distinction.

    “The law says, someone did something harmful to a child,” Herzog said. “It’s my job to protect the child and other children.”

    Herzog said all sex offenders submit to a psychosexual evaluation and a polygraph exam to determine their risk of re-offending and, he said, women are typically more amenable to treatment.


(208) 612-8655 605 N. Capital Ave., Idaho Falls, ID 83402 (208) 589-3091
City Hall
308 Constitution Way
Idaho Falls, ID 83405
February 12, 2015
Idaho Falls Police Department Contact:
Joelyn Hansen
Community Projects Coordinator/PIO
Cell: (208) 589‐3091
Office: (208) 612‐8655
I.F. Man Arrested for Grand Theft
IDAHO FALLS, Idaho: Twenty‐three‐year‐old Siu Iosua was arrested on a warrant for grand
theft in connection to fraudulently using a credit card for more than $8,000 in purchases on
Iosua of Idaho Falls was booked into the Bonneville County Jail.
According to reports, the general manager of Nicholas Moving Systems on Foote Drive reported
in January that Iosua, a former employee, used a company fuel card without permission
between June and December. The total fuel charges were $8,388.
The Idaho Falls Police Department arrested 8 people on Wednesday.