By Jimmy Hancock

POCATELLO — A local man who admitted last month to violating his probation for a second time this year was sent into the retained jurisdiction program on Monday by Sixth District Judge Stephen Dunn, who expressed the desire to get the defendant the help he needed.

Quinton Moreno was originally charged with felony violation of a no-contact order in July of 2010, pleading guilty to the charge in August of 2011. He was then placed on four years of probation and given a withheld judgment.

But in February, he was in front of Dunn, admitting he had violated that probation by talking to someone he was forbidden to have contact with, using alcohol and other violations.

Dunn, taking into account the circumstances surrounding the violations, Moreno’s apparent attempts to remedy the underlying issues with several of them, and the fact that he would lose his withheld judgment because of the violations, opted to place Moreno back on probation.

Moreno lost his withheld judgment because of the probation violations and Dunn sentenced him to two years fixed and two years indeterminate, placing him back on four years probation.

Earlier this month, though, Moreno was back in front of Dunn, admitting to several new probation violations. His attorney, Doug Dykman, told Dunn that his client, now living in Fremont County, needed assistance, not prison time. He told Dunn work was being done to search out options for Moreno, including reaching out to diversionary court programs in Fremont County.

On Monday, Dykman told Dunn that Moreno was denied that diversionary court. In lieu of an option in Fremont County, Dykman suggested his client be given another opportunity on probation or asked the judge to consider a new in-patient program in Lava Hot Springs.

Prosecutors and probation officers suggested Moreno be sent into the retained jurisdiction program, one that is held in an Idaho Department of Correction setting that addresses the underlying causes of criminal behavior.

Moreno, who said he was struggling with other issues and was not a threat to go out and commit crimes, suggested being placed in the SHARE program at the Bannock County Jail.

Dunn told the defendant he needed more help than that.

“There is no doubt you need some help,” Dunn told Moreno. “I don’t think SHARE is enough.”

He then sentenced Moreno to the retained jurisdiction program.


By Jimmy Hancock

POCATELLO — the return of Ronald Allen Schumaker, the man accused of robbing the U.S. Bank in Pocatello last week and later apprehended in Montana, could happen as soon as next week or could take several months, one official said Monday.

Capt. Jerry Hickman, of the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office, said just how quickly Schumaker returns to the Gate City depends on how his court proceedings in Montana go.

Schumaker, 60, is accused of entering the U.S. Bank, located at 855 Yellowstone Ave. in Pocatello, on the afternoon of June 17. He is alleged to have demanded money from a teller before leaving. The Pocatello Police Department, which said no weapons were reportedly observed during the incident, said Schumaker left with an undisclosed amount of money.

Schumaker was subsequently arrested on Thursday in Anaconda-Deer Lodge County, Montana, along with John Stoor, of Pocatello. Hickman said both men are being held on drug-related charges.

Bringing Schumaker to Pocatello to face a robbery charge could be as simply as his waving extradition during a hearing in Montana on Wednesday. That coupled with local prosecutor’s decision to drop charges there means the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office would have 10 days to go and retrieve Schumaker.

The hitches to that plan are multiple, however.

“If he doesn’t wave extradition, then we will have to get a governor’s warrant, which has to be signed by both (Idaho and Montana) governors,” Hickman said. “That could take up to 60 to 90 days to complete.”

Then there is the possibility that law enforcement in Montana will want to pursue local charges against Schumaker. In that case, those charges would have to be fully adjudicated before Schumaker would be allowed to return to Idaho. That could potentially take much longer than three months.

Hickman, who handles extraditions for the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office, said the majority of suspects will wave extradition, knowing they will eventually be returned to the state where charges are pending. Many wave extradition in exchange for the dismissal of locally pending charges.

“Since January, I have had to get three governor’s warrants,” Hickman said. “It’s a low percentage of them that don’t wave extradition.”

Hickman said he has heard nothing about Anaconda-Deer Lodge County law enforcement forging any deal with Schumaker in exchange for his waving extradition.


By Journal Staff

POCATELLO — Arrests in and around Pocatello during the weekend include one charged with driving under the influence, another accused of aggravated assault and several taken into custody on warrants.

Mahmoud Omar Essam, 27, was arrested by the Pocatello Police Department during the early morning hours of Sunday and charged with aggravated assault. Later that morning, at about 4 a.m., Taylor Storm Marsh, 22, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

Other arrests by the PPD over the weekend include Stacie Tomeise Boucher Gomez, 35, Lric Allen Elkins, 23, Ricardo Suliz Trevino, 45, and Tina Lousie Throm, 39, all of whom were taken into custody on Saturday on respective warrants. Arrested on Sunday were Michael Don Forsythe, 54, and Loreen Bear, 34, both of whom were taken into custody on warrants.

Arrests by the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office included Whitney T. Bolton, Juan E. Cortez, Daniel A Doherty and Luis A. Galaviz, all of whom were taken into custody on warrants on Friday. The BCSO reported no arrests on Saturday or Sunday.

By Jimmy Hancock

POCATELLO — Prosecutors believe they know the cause of Martin Anderton’s death and the circumstances surrounding the incident, leading them to file a first-degree murder charge against Josephine Bobbie Theboy on Monday.

“We don’t have the Utah medical examiner’s report yet, but I am pretty sure the cause of death is going to be smoke inhalation,” said Bannock County Prosecutor Steve Herzog during a news conference Monday afternoon.

He said that the suspicious circumstances surrounding Anderton’s death included “some injuries to Mr. Anderton’s face that are consistent with an assault having occurred.”

Theboy, 22, was also charged with felony burglary and robbery stemming from the incident in early May and is being held on a $500,000 bond.

“It is our belief that the fire was started some point during the perpetration of either of those offenses,” Herzog added.

Anderton was found in his Cherry Lane home in the Tyhee area after firefighters responded to a report of smoke coming from the residence shortly before midnight on May 2. His condition was serious and Anderton was transported to Portneuf Medical Center, which then transported him to University of Utah Hospital were he died on May 7.

During a news conference last month, Bannock County Sheriff Lorin Nielsen and Herzog said foul play was involved in Anderton’s death and that they expected charges to eventually be filed after investigations were completed.

Both also alluded to the idea that the suspects in the case were already in police custody but did not outright confirm that. On Monday, Herzog said that he expects to file charges against a second suspect who is currently incarcerated on unrelated charges. He did not give a timeline for the filing of those charges.

Theboy has been incarcerated in Bannock County Jail since early May on a charge of felony burglary.

Theboy, who will have her initial hearing today, faces the death penalty or up to life in prison if convicted of first-degree murder. She faces five years to life on the robbery charge and one to 10 years in prison on the burglary charge.

Herzog did not say if he was contemplating pursuing the death penalty against Theboy. He has until 60 days after she is arraigned in district court to declare that intention.

The prosecutor said first-degree murder was the appropriate charge because the statute allows for such a charge under circumstances where a death occurs during the commission of a robbery or burglary even if there was no intention to cause that death.

Herzog said the investigation into the incident was a joint one that included the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office and the Fort Hall Police Department.


By Journal Staff

IDAHO FALLS — Arrests in Idaho Falls on Wednesday include three who are facing felony charges, one of whom is accused of leaving the scene of accident after he allegedly struck a man with his car and another accused of lewd conduct.

Kevin F. Danielewicz, 46, was arrested at his residence on Park Avenue after allegedly leaving the scene of that accident in the parking lot of the Common Cents on 17th Street. According to a release from the IFPD, Danielewicz, driving a green van struck a gas truck and a 35-year-old man before fleeing the scene.

The incident did injure the man who was struck and caused a gas spill. Danielewicz is charged with felony leaving the scene of an accident.

Police also arrested Skyler Standly, 19, who was taken into custody on a warrant. Standly is charged with attempted strangulation stemming from a May 29 incident at Snake River Landing where he allegedly became physical with a 20-year-old woman with whom he was involved in a verbal altercation.

When the woman went to retrieve her belongings from Standly’s car, he allegedly grabbed her throat. Police say the woman reportedly tried to run away from the car but Standly knocked her down and grabbed her throat again.

James R. Mottor, 30, was arrested and charged with lewd conduct with a child under 16 based on a months-long investigation by police that began in January when a woman reported that her 14-year-old had been inappropriately touched.

By Journal Staff

POCATELLO — The man sought in the robbery of the U.S. Bank in Pocatello was apprehended in Montana on Thursday, police said.

Ronald Allen Schumaker, 60, was arrested in Anaconda, Mont., and remains in custody on a $250,000 bond.

The Pocatello Police Department reported Thursday afternoon that Schumaker’s arrest was the result of a multi-agency effort that included the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office, Deer Lodge County Sheriff’s Office, Powell County Sheriff’s Office, the Montana Highway Patrol and FBI offices in Pocatello and Helena, Mont.

Schumaker is accused of entering the U.S. Bank, located at 855 Yellowstone Ave., at about 4 p.m. on Tuesday, demanding money from a teller. The PPD reported that no weapons were observed during the incident and he left the bank with an undisclosed amount of money.

Tuesday’s robbery was the second involving a U.S. Bank branch in Pocatello this spring. William C. Reimer is accused of robbing the U.S. Bank, located at 120 N. Arthur Ave., on March 28.

Police allege that Reimer entered the bank shortly after 3 p.m. that day delivered a note to a teller that demanded money, and then left with an undisclosed amount of money.

Reimer was taken into custody shortly after the incident and the entire sum taken during the alleged robbery was fully recovered. He is currently slated for a preliminary hearing on June 23.



14-C2738 On 06/12/14 at 10:25 Officers responded to Mesquite Dr for a report of a burglary. A residence was entered and items were removed.

14-C2761 On 06/13/14 at 13:58 Officers received a report of a theft. A garbage can was removed from the area of Adams St.

14-C2796 On 06/15/14 at 17:04 Officers responded to Eagle Rd for a report of a juvenile problem. A juvenile male was cited with runaway/beyond parental control.

14-C2809 On 06/16/14 at 18:20 Officers responded to I-86 & Yellowstone for a report of an accident. Jose Mungaray-Salazar, 48, of Mount Vernon, WA, was cited with following too close and misdemeanor fail to prov proof of insur 2nd.

14-C2814 On 06/16/14 at 23:11 Officers responded to Hiway Ave for a report of an accident. A vehicle was struck by an unknown vehicle.

14-C2818 On 06/17/14 at 09:14 Officers received a report of a theft. A garbage can was removed from the area of Brook Ln.

14-C2824 On 06/17/14 at 11:12 Officers responded to Park Lawn for a report of an ordinance violation. Charles Keller, 43, of Bannock Co. was cited with misdemeanor daycare staff requirement.

14-C2837 On 06/17/14 at 23:35 Officers responded to W. Chubbuck Rd for a report of a burglary. Dustin Tendoy, 22, of Chubbuck was cited with misdemeanor unlawful entry.

14-C2843 On 06/18/14 at 10:00 Officers responded to Kymball for a report of a theft. A trailer had been entered and items were removed.

14-C2846 On 06/18/14 at 12:35 Officers responded to Hawthorne & Bonanza for a report of an accident. A juvenile male was cited with improper left turn.

14-C2849 On 06/18/14 at 13:53 Officers responded to Yellowstone & I-86 for a report of an accident. John Wilson, III, 19, of Chubbuck was cited with following too close and failure to wear seatbelt.

Michelle A. Friedel, of Fort Hall, was taken into custody on two misdemeanor warrants.

Kendra L. Pratt, of Montpelier, was taken into custody on a felony warrant.

Nathan J. Wright, of Pocatello, was taken into custody on two warrants, one felony and one misdemeanor.

Time/Date: 23:51:57 06/18/14
43 years of age
Address: 81 E 100 N, BLACKFOOT, ID
Loc. of Arrest: ALAMEDA & LINDA
Status 23:53:40 06/18/14 WARRANT ARREST

Time/Date: 23:54:00 06/18/14
43 years of age
Status 01:22:23 06/19/14 18-8004 Driving Under the Influence

Time/Date: 02:35:00 06/19/14
38 years of age
Address: RT 2 BOX 33 A, POCATELLO, ID
Loc. of Arrest: MAIN & OMAHA
Status 05:02:22 06/19/14 18-8004-C DUI Commercial